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What Went Wrong with Digital Advertising in India - FY 20 Story

2020 has been a challenging year globally – Digital in India however has seen exponential growth in 2020 recording over 35% year-on-year growth.

Digital marketing provides an un-tapped, tremendous opportunity for advertisers to reach even the remotest part of India, but lack of awareness and necessary tools make marketers end up losing a lot of their ad budget to ad frauds and click farms. It’s been reported that over 3000 crores INR has been lost to advertising fraud in the financial year 2019-2020 in India

Digital fraud when evaluated by the risk lens, can have a severe impact on the advertiser's reputation, can pose a financial risk, and can lead to regulatory measures.

We have created a technical report illustrating live examples of bad advertising and how it can impact your digital bottom line and customers' trust. 

Understanding Impact of Digital Fraud

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Integrate across Platforms

The platform is seamlessly integrated with the advertiser's first-party data. This enables advertisers better control over their consumer privacy and helps enable them creating a in-house next generation CDP. 


Patented Feature Engineering for Machine Learning


The platform is based on patented feature engineering techniques for ad fraud detection and transforms the data into the second set of features for analysis and deterministic detection.

Real-time Cyber Security as a Service


The platform runs real-time, and provides predictive insights around the security of ad-assets, provides deterministic fraud detection, and recommendation ad-inventory changes. 


Real-time Media Audit


Audit your current advertising spends to create real-time court-admissible reports. Also, leveraging in-house consultancy for forward deductions.



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