Mobile Advertising : How the industry is bleeding to Click Injection Evasion & how you can prevent it


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Mobile is the top-ranked priority at 77%, followed by social media platforms and videos.



💰$243,703 Million

In 2022, mobile advertising is expected to reach $243,703 Million, with a CAGR of 15.8%.




Mobile fraudsters make up almost 18% of the internet’s traffic within the marketing industry.



💻30% - 40%

Click Injection accounts for an estimated 30 to 40% of all mobile app install fraud.




Mobile penetration is at an all-time high, and businesses have had to go online to stay afloat. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, people's attitudes about digital media changed. App and mobile advertising providers currently control the majority of the digital advertising business.

It's not hard to see why a crisis like this would provide fertile ground for fraud. Such times make people more vulnerable and create opportunities for fraudsters.

Mobile Advertising : How the industry is bleeding to Click Injection Evasion & how you can prevent it examines how Click Injection, a type of mobile ad fraud is advancing as the whole world turned digital and mobile.

We have released a report that deep dives into a live case of a fraudulent publisher/ad-network manipulating the click to install time and how using our patented technology, our algorithms in real time measured this click data manipulation for evading click injection.


Here’s what’s in the full report:

✔️ How does Click Injection fraud operate?

✔️ Why traditional CTIT method alone is insufficient in detecting and avoiding different forms of click manipulation i.e click injection and click spamming?

✔️ How our system identified, detected and evaded such click injection fraud from a fraudulent source?

We have created a report illustrating a live case of a fraudulent source and how it is manipulating app install clicks.

Cover - Click Injection Report

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