Improve your user acquisition by 54% with our AI Based Ad Fraud Detection

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Integrate across Platforms

The platform is seamlessly integrated with the advertiser's first-party data. This enables advertisers better control over their consumer privacy and helps enable them to create an in-house next generation CDP. 


Patented Feature Engineering for Machine Learning 

The platform is based on patented feature engineering techniques for ad fraud detection and transforms the data into the second set of features for analysis and deterministic detection.

Real-time Cyber Security as a Service

The platform runs real-time, and provides predictive insights around the security of ad-assets, provides deterministic fraud detection and recommends ad-inventory changes. 


Real-time Media Audit 

Audit your current advertising spends to create real-time court-admissible reports. Also, leveraging in-house consultancy for forward deductions.

What's in it for you?

See how Com Olho helps you with optimizing your Digital Ad spend by getting deeper insights and real results.

Your demo includes how to:

  • Use click injection fraud science to estimate time-based anomaly behavior for detection of invalid traffic (IVT).

  • Draw an analogy for detecting programmatic attribution manipulation using our patented technology.

  • Detect sophisticated invalid conversion traffic created by malicious players (ad fraud) which fuels corruption, fake news, tax evasion, cross-border, cyber warfare, etc.

  • Detects new bot clusters that sophisticatedly steal advertising budgets and evade fraud detection, in real-time.

  • Safeguard from brutal incentivised privacy infringements for conversion traffic.